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The Truth about Hell: Is it a real place?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Source: Watchman Reports (

Deuteronomy 32:22

Psalms 86:13

Psalms 55:15

Psalms 139:8

Proverbs 9:18

Proverbs 15:24

Isaiah 14:9-15

Ezekiel 31:16

Luke 16:19-25

Vision of Paul (Chapters 32, 41-42)

Vision of Paul - Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41

1 And he carried me south and placed me above a well, and I found it sealed with seven seals: and answering, the angel who was with me said to the angel of that place: Open the mouth of the well that Paul, the well-beloved of Elohiym, may see, for authority is given him that he may see all the pains of hell. 2 And the angel said to me: Stand afar off that thou mayest be able to bear the stench of this place. When therefore the well was opened, immediately there arose from it a certain hard and malign stench, which surpasses all punishments: 3 and I looked into the well and I saw fiery masses glowing in every part, and narrow places, and the mouth of the well was narrow so as to admit one man only. 4 And the angel answered and said unto me: If any man shall have been put into this well of the abyss and it shall have been sealed over him, no remembrance of him shall ever be made in the sight of the Father and His Son and the holy angels. 5 And I said: Who are these, Sir, who are put into this well? And he said to me: They are whoever shall not confess that Christ has come in the flesh and that the Virgin Mary brought him forth, and whoever says that the bread and cup of the Eucharist of blessing are not this body and blood of Mashiach.

Chapter 42

1 And I looked to the south in the west and I saw there a restless worm and in that place there was gnashing of teeth: moreover the worms were one cubit long, and had two heads, and there I saw men and women in cold and gnashing of teeth. 2 And I asked and said, Sir, who are these in this place? And he said to me: These are they who say that Mashiach did not rise from the dead and that this flesh will not rise again. 3 And I asked and said: Sir, is there no fire nor heat in this place? And he said to me: In this place there is nothing else but cold and snow: and again he said to me: Even if the sun should rise upon them, they do not become warm on account of the superabundant cold of that place and the snow. 4 But hearing these things I stretched out my hands and wept, and sighing again, I said: It were better for us if we had not been born, all of us who are sinners.

Vision of Paul - Chapter 32

1 And I saw on the north a place of various and diverse punishments full of men and women, and a river of fire ran down into it. Moreover I observed and I saw pits great in depth, and in them several souls together, and the depth of that place was as it were three thousand cubits, and I saw them groaning and weeping and saying: Have pity on us, O YAHUAH! and none had pity on them. 2 And I asked the angel and said: Who are these, Sir? And the angel answered and said unto me: These are they who did not hope in the YAHUAH, that they would be able to have him as their helper. 3 And I asked and said: Sir, if these souls remain for thirty or forty generations thus one upon another, if they were sent deeper, the pits I believe would not hold them. And he said to me: The Abyss has no measure, for beyond this it stretches down below him who is down in it: and so it is, that if perchance anyone should take a stone and throw it into a very deep well and after many hours it should reach the bottom, such is the abyss. 4 For when the souls are thrown in there, they hardly reach the bottom in fifty years.

Matthew 5:22

Matthew 10:28

Matthew 23:15

Mark 9:43-50

Luke 10:15

John 2:12

John 6:15-22

Revelation 20:14-15

Revelation 19:20

Revelation 20:10

Matthew 22:13-14

Matthew 8:10-13

Matthew 13:37-52

Luke 13:23-30


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